Listen to One of Annie's Stories Free!

Annie's Stories short stories

Bringing the Audio of Annie's Stories to You For Free!

Many months ago I decided to write down the stories that are mentioned in my novel Annie's Stories. My agent Chip MacGregor offered an intriguing idea. "Why not have a storyteller tell the story the way Annie would have heard it growing up? You can put it on You Tube." I thought it was a great idea. My publisher liked it too.

Finding the Storyteller for Annie's Stories

So I approached a friend, a musician/songwriter/praise and worship leader, to see if he might be interested in telling the story. Andy Rogers ( agreed to give it a go, and I was more than delighted (thrilled) with the result.

Illustrations for Annie's Stories

My husband Tom had been working on the illustrations for the print version I planned to make available to newsletter subscribers. (And there are more to come, by the way.) This summer I've been blessed to have an intern from Denision University, Elena, to help me with marketing my novel. She took the audio clip Andy made for me, the drawings Tom did, a sound track Andy allowed us to use from one of his recordings, and put together this movie. I think she did a great job!

I hope you enjoy it, share it, and let me know if it's enhanced your enjoyment of Annie's Stories.