Monday, January 21, 2013

10 Reasons I'm a Writer

Scene from the movie Stranger Than Fiction
1. I have an office: computer, novels, printer/scanner/fax, books on writing, a print dictionary that I never use because I get it online, pencils, legal pads, back-up drive, paintings of typewriters...

2. I have contracts in my file. Even ones that are ten years old. I keep them to prove I'm a writer.

3. I belong to writers groups.

4. I have a literary agent to represent me.

5. I have tons of business cards from other writers, many of whom I can't even remember meeting.

6. I rarely leave my home.

7. I hear voices. I really do! And it's okay.

8. I have a subscription to Writer's Digest.

9. I have a cup warmer right by my computer screen (meaning I'm there a lot.)

10. I do the only thing that really matters: I write!